Cedarlore Forge - Available Items Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in owning original hand-forged work of mine, and thank you for being a part of Cedarlore with me by doing so!

By signing up you will be joining a list that is notified whenever I have new original swords, knives, and artwork for sale. Because my craft is slow and tedious; emails with new available work will not be frequent or sent on a predictably regular basis. I hope to send updates with new available work at least every couple months.
And each piece that is listed will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want to purchase something then please contact me swiftly.

Thank you again for desiring to own a piece of Cedarlore for yourself!

Godspeed and blessings to you,
- David DelaGardelle
Cedarlore Forge
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